Sunday, June 26, 2011

Recently, my husband went to an estate sale and came back with this industrial grade, steel storage bin:
Blog 1 and wm
And it was full of these drawers:
Blog 11 and wm
And he turned it into this!
blog 20 and wm
Here’s how he did it:
First, he used a furniture stripper to peel off all the layers of yuck:
Blog 4 and wm
Blog 5 and wm
Until they looked like this:
Blog 6 and wm
Then he got out these tools:
Blog 14 and wm
And one at a time, the drawers were put in a vise to get polished:
Blog 13 and wm
Blog 15 and wm
Until they sparkled like this:
blog 17 and wm
After everything was sparkly, it got a coat of this spray paint which we LOVE:
blog 28 and wm
And now my hubby has a brand new storage bin for all those little hardware pieces:
blog 20 and wm
blog 21 and wm
blog 23 and wm
Closeup of hammered spray paint finish:
blog 25 and wm
Next project: he has to sort out the contents that came with the bins:
blog 19 and wm
Something tells me he won’t mind this project, now that he has a fantastic looking storage bin to put them in!
blog 27 and wm
Kinda looks like a library card catalog, doesn’t it?  Maybe I’ll make him some labels for the drawers.
Before and After:
before and after and wm
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